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North Lincolnshire Train Simulator for TS 2021

North Lincolnshire Train Simulator Route

Next anticipated update of route to be posted here: 1st July 2021

Latest Route file: 4th April 2021

Click on the icon to be taken to the file download page.

Do you need this latest download?

It is 530 Mb. This month I have improved the scenery to the west of Retford, plus some minor aspects of scenery at various points on the system, and continued to add signal wires and point rods (which will take some time to complete). If you downloaded last months update, I don’t think you need to download this one, unless you intend to download the scenario “09:52 Sheffield-Cleethorpes” which will malfunction on an old version of the route as I have smoothed the incline close to Thonock Sidings.

I try to produce an update at the start of each month.

Alternative download:

Colin Green kindly hosts the route on his site “wotawallysbits” here: https://www.wotawallysbits.co.uk

Whilst you are on Colin’s website, there are various free downloads that he has produced that you may wish to download, although the ones used on the North Lincolnshire Route are automatically downloaded with the route file, with permission.

Other downloads that you ought to download (All free) ….

From UKTS:

File 27126 (Blocks, Lofts, Bridges)

From “Captain Bazza” from the UKTS website – Files 22446; 22854; 23060; 23077; 23152; 23283; 23316

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