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North Lincolnshire Train Simulator for TS 2021

Latest Route file: 6th January 2023

Click on the icon to be taken to the file download page.

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You may well have downloaded much of this from this site, or from Colin’s “

The principle change is that I have added a link to Doncaster Station. NB If you have downloaded from Colin’s site from late December, you will already have this upgrade, so save time and trouble by not downloading this version!

This update includes the ECML from Doncaster to Retford (lots still to do on this), Doncaster Station which operates colour light signals as these were installed pre 1950, and the line from Doncaster to Crowle, Scunthorpe and Grimsby.

Thanks to PRB, many of the level crossings now operate on a two gate, one-gate-at-a-time instead of the four half gates that came with the original game.

For any American downloaders, Scrooby, the village from which the Pilgrim Fathers set off is between Doncaster and Retford, making it the third connection, with Immingham and Boston shown on the route.


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File 27126 (Blocks, Lofts, Bridges)

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